We are currently recruiting new board members. If you're passionate about social change and empowering the next generation of nonprofit leaders, this is the perfect role for you. Check out the role description below and apply today! Please email if you have any questions.


YNPN-NYC is an all­-volunteer organization governed by a 6 to 12 member board that oversees the work of several committees. Board members include individuals from the NYC nonprofit and philanthropic communities, as well as government agencies that are aligned with the nonprofit sector. Led by two co-chairs, the board has the overall fiscal and managerial responsibility for YNPN-NYC. They are charged with supervision and oversight of the YNPN-NYC mission. They are responsible for making decisions, delegating work, and assuring that decisions are carried out in the manner intended.


  • Be an ambassador for YNPN-NYC: know, live, and be able to share YNPN-NYC's mission, vision, and values and attend at least two YNPN-NYC events per quarter
  • Be active: participate in preparation and approval of YNPN-NYC organizational policies, annual budgeting process and be a contributing, working member of at least one committee (Programs, Marketing/Communications, Board Development, Membership, or Finance)
  • Be present: attend monthly board meetings, planning retreats, and as needed ad hoc committee meetings/calls and maintain open, respectful, prompt and clear communication with other Board Members during meetings, through emails and on Slack
  • Be committed: agree to a two-year board term with the option of renewal in one year increments, not to exceed four terms (five years) total, in accordance with YNPN-NYC bylaws
  • Be driven: commit to your own personal professional development through classes, reading, conferences, or workshops
  • Be accountable: perform an annual self-evaluation of your service on the board


  • Interest in and willingness to support YNPN NYC’s goals and objectives
  • Shared values: Initiative, integrity, analytical ability, sensitivity and awareness
  • Leadership experience, including the ability to make decisions and implement
  • Planning skills, including the ability to organize and monitor work, able to make changes, as needed
  • Experience in the nonprofit sector, preferably on a board of directors or in another leadership position
  • Able to commit approximately 15­ to 20 hours per month for YNPN NYC duties


Board Chair and Vice Chair / Executive Chairs

Ensure that chapter activities, and programming is in keeping with chapter's mission and vision. Tasks include:

  • Annual approval of organizational budget
  • Oversight of compliance with applicable federal and state laws
  • Oversee annual and strategic planning for chapter
  • Lead and organize chapter meetings
  • Establish processes and systems for replicability, stability, and knowledge management



Responsible for Board record keeping

  • Work with co-chairs, ensure safety and accuracy of Board records, including but not limited to: by-laws, finance records, minutes, and legal documents
  • Attend all Board meetings and record minutes



Responsible for tracking chapter expenses, reimbursements, and income. Tasks include:

  • Maintain chapter budget, and oversee finances and reimbursements processes
  • Serve as National point person in matters related to budget and finance
  • Work with Development and Fundraising committee to analyze budget and fundraising needs


Programming / Events

Create programming and events for the chapter that will serve the interest of the members and the community. Tasks include:

  • Maintain chapter calendar
  • Manage program evaluation and work with membership committee to ensure programs serve members' interests
  • Liaise with Marketing / Communications Committee to advertise events
  • Develop strategy for and execute events
  • Develop and maintain relationship with partners and sponsors
  • Work with Membership Committee to develop tools and resources for members
  • Work with Membership committees to analyze growth and fundraising needs


Marketing / Communications

Responsible for communicating with chapter members about upcoming programs, or opportunities either at local level or national level. Tasks include:

  • Manage communications through newsletters, e-blasts, social media networks
  • Lead marketing for programs or events



Responsible for managing chapter membership, growing chapter membership through outreach and continued engagement, and analyzing membership data to inform board decisions. Tasks include:

  • Serve as lead contact for prospective and current members
  • Manage membership database
  • Understand what members are looking for and how our programming address those needs
  • Explore additional membership benefits and potential partnerships for members


Board Development

Responsible for board development and recruitment and monitors board's composition and performance. Tasks include:

  • New Board Member on-boarding
  • Board succession planning