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NY Youth Success Scrimmage: ReWork!

Announcing the NY Youth Success Scrimmage! On August 29th, ReWork is running the New York Youth Success Scrimmage. The Scrimmage partners together exceptional minds (that's you!) from New York communities and organizations leading initiatives focused on building success for New York youth. You will learn and apply rapid prototyping, a key element of the design thinking process, to create solutions to real challenges in education and youth development in the City. To reserve your spot visit: 

Learn a valuable new skill set then apply it to real life high-impact challenges. We have created a high-impact, hands-on event for you to up-skill and take your work to the next level.

Why come?

1) It's one thing to read about how to be innovative; it's quite another thing to actually DO innovative work.  The Scrimmage is a place where you'll quickly learn a highly valuable human centered design skill set -- rapid prototyping -- and be able to apply it. This is a highly collaborative and creative workshop that will help you drive innovation. And, most importantly, on an important social change.

2) You'll be working on real challenges that real organizations are facing.  The organizations at the scrimmage will take the insights you help them uncover to reframe and tackle a real challenge within their organization. This is a chance for you to apply your unique life and professional experiences to real-world challenges in the space of youth success. This is a chance to make a tangible impact.

3) The room will be filled with other like-minded, passionate, talented professionals like you. THINK: authentic collaboration, connections, and professional development with impact-driven professionals. And like you, they're awesome!

So, mark your calendar on August 29th for this unique opportunity that you won't want to miss!  For more details, check out the Youth Success Scrimmage website.

Join us and get your ticket while you still can.  Hope to see you there!