Your Resume, Your Marketing Tool

by Trinia N. McDonald, HR Business Partner – Greater NYC Region

Whether seasoned or new to the job market, we can agree that crafting a resume is the first step in getting to that next point in your career.

Yes, despite premier social media channels such as LinkedIn, recruiters and hiring managers are still interested in seeing how well you can condense your experience on an 8.5x11 sheet (for those of us in the U.S.). The resume is your first introduction to the individual, or the applicant tracking software, on the other side of your computer screen and you want to make the best first impression.  

While in-person meetings allow you the opportunity, in the moment, to make a great first impression whether through a firm handshake, or use of a commanding voice, your resume is a fixed document and therefore has no room for error. A few things to consider:

  • Can the receiver easily read your document? Check your format.

  • Did you include your contact details? Email, Phone number, LinkedIn URL.

  • Are you displaying skills that are relevant for the role? Pull in your transferrable skills where necessary. 

Your resume includes past experiences, educational achievements, skills, and contact details, but it is also a precious piece of real estate, so use it wisely. As mentioned above, include only skills relevant for the role, and make sure you are giving meaning to these experiences. In other words, what did you accomplish for you, your team, and the company? Do you have a hobby that directly relates to the job for which you applied? Be sure to include those details on your resume. The goal is to be noticed.

One of the most underrated tools in the area of job search is utilizing a second pair of eyes. If you have a friend or colleague or family member who is just as invested in your scoring your next gig, employ their assistance in ensuring you did not have a ‘there’ vs. ‘their’ slip up. Misspellings on a resume show a lack of attention to detail, poor planning, and sloppy work.

Take a look at your resume. Is it time for a revamp? Is it time to add new skills? Is it a good representation of who you are as a team member? Is it a good representation of you?

 Remember, your resume is your marketing tool, so ensure that it best represents YOU!

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