Message from Co-Chairs: Meet Shibani Gambhir, YNPN-NYC Co-chair 2019-2021


Over the past year YNPN-NYC has seen tremendous talent and effort emerge from leaders who believe in our mission to support the future of young professionals in the nonprofit and social sector. Our growth has been visible from events, key partnerships we are fostering, and members who are ready to grow with us. Our board is no exception to this - in the past year we have had the pleasure to welcome new members of the YNPN-NYC family who are eager and excited to grow with us.

With that said, we are excited to announce that fellow board member, Shibani Gambhir, has been successfully elected as Co-Chair for the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network-NYC Chapter. Since 2017, Shibani supported the chapter in the Governance and Finance Committee. As a member of the YNPN-NYC board, Shibani brought over twenty years of nonprofit experience in executive roles as well as consulting for local, national, and international organizations where she works tirelessly to ensure the organizations she leads run efficiently.

Outside of YNPN-NYC, Shibani is the Chief Operating Officer of the Foundation for Opioid Response Efforts. As COO, she is responsible for the vision, administration, financial viability and effectiveness of the Foundation.

In our chapter, we’ve continued to appreciate and value how much Shibani has contributed to help strengthen us and the organization as a whole. Her unique perspective, skills, and experience will continue to move YNPN-NYC to a bright future. We are proud to call her a colleague and fellow co-chair.

Over the next several weeks we will be communicating more details about this transition and highlight where YNPN-NYC will be going from here. In order to help with this transition and to get to know you better, we are encouraging our current and future members to fill out the form linked here. Fill out the survey for the chance to win 2 $50 Amazon gift cards.

Please join us in welcoming Shibani.


Carlos Rosales & Kalin Drzewiecki-Sezer

Board Co-Chairs

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